Aviation Tax Reduction Planning

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Controlling tax exposure for aviation businesses and aircraft owners requires proactive tax planning. Get sound tax advice and a comprehensive plan from Mark E. Feinsot, CPA. Our CPA firm is well-versed in the regulations governing the aviation industry so we know how to leverage the tax code to save you money. With our guidance and support throughout the year, you'll maximize deductions at tax time and avoid attention from the IRS. We work with everyone from small aircraft owners and aviation-related businesses to corporations, regional airports, flight schools, and aircraft management companies.

Maximize benefits of Aircraft Ownership

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Aviation tax planning:

  • Federal, state, and local tax services
  • Entertainment use tax compliance
  • Managing tax liability of fractional ownership
  • Strategic tax planning for aircraft owners and operators
  • Resolution of IRS aviation and aircraft-related tax problems
  • Sales and use taxes
  • Property taxes
  • 1031 exchanges
  • Entity structuring

Certified Tax Coach (CTC)

ctc logoMark Feinsot has earned the special designation of being a Certified Tax Coach (CTC). This means he is an expert in tax planning strategies and has the ability to identify tax credits, deductions, and loopholes that the average CPA, accountant, or Enrolled Agent does not know how to find. He will put his skills to work for you.

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