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Pilot and Flight Crew Tax Preparation Services

Tax returns for flight crew, flight attendants and airline pilots

flight crew income tax preparationPreparing your own income tax return can seem like a way to save money but it may actually be costing you in the long run, especially if you work in the aviation industry. When you consult with an experienced tax preparer like Mark E. Feinsot, CPA, you'll be sure to take advantage of all possible deductions and never pay more than what you owe.

Most CPAs or tax preparers are unfamiliar with the per diem tax allowances available to flight crews, flight attendants and airline pilots. But we specialize in pilot and flight attendant tax deductions. We’ll be sure you’re taking all allowable deductions related to your travel expenses including uniform purchases, dry cleaning expenses and more.

Flight personnel can achieve tax savings by maintaining proper records and claiming deductions in two key areas:

Business Related Expenses

  • Expenditures over $75 – receipt needed
  • Expenditures below $75 – a diary containing the item purchased, date and amount spent must be maintained.

Per Diem Expenses
The IRS allows a special per diem deduction for transportation workers Currently it is $59 dollars a day for travel within the United States and $65 a day for travel outside the continental United States. However, we have included a free per diem calculator so you can determine if you can benefit from the standard rate or from the higher rates at some high-cost locations.

Flight Crew Income Tax Preparation You Can Trust

Beyond basic tax preparation services, Mark E. Feinsot, CPA will become your personal tax advisor. We are well-versed in the latest tax laws and regulations and will use every opportunity to reduce your tax liability. We’re available to answer any questions and will file your tax return accurately and on time so you get your tax refund in hand quickly. It’s our goal to keep your taxes low now and plan to minimize your taxes owed on next year’s return.