Accounting for Carbon Offsets

Burning fossil fuels for energy, industrial chemical processes unrelated to energy production, and agriculture are the top sources of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. If your business is tagged as one that creates GHG, you likely know about carbon offsetting. Here at Mark E. Feinsot, CPA, so do we! We specialize in accounting and tax services related to carbon offsetting and understand how critical it is to have accurate, granular, auditable climate data for your business.

Here in the New York City, NY area, our savvy team of CPA firm understand the topic and the processes surrounding it. We are adept at generating clear data for our clients, drilling it down, and creating easily digestible reports for their businesses so that they meet their targets to achieve their emission reduction goals. Whether you’re using carbon offsets as a one-time solution to neutralize carbon emissions for a specific act, such as air travel, or you’re in a monthly program to offset carbon emissions throughout the year, we can guide you through the related tax deductions and credits to which you’re entitled and help you lower your overall tax burden.

Accounting and Tax Services Focus on Carbon Offsets

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