Our Aviation Industry Clients

Few businesses face the detailed recordkeeping and reporting requirements as those operating within the aviation industry. Fortunately, these types of businesses have a valuable resource in Mark E. Feinsot, CPA.

Contact us at (212) 631-0320 today or request a free initial consultation through our website. We serve the following types of clients in the aviation industry:

Fractional Owners and Joint Owners

We provide aviation accounting services and tax strategies to corporations that are a fractional or joint owner of an aircraft.

Private Plane Owners

Personal entertainment use of an airplane may reduce allowable depreciation so we assist in properly tracking flight information to minimize tax obligations.

Foreign Owners of U.S. Registered Aircraft

Our firm will show you how to simplify your recordkeeping and make sure you stay in compliance with all U.S. government regulations for aircraft owners.

Aircraft Management Companies

We help aircraft management companies track the detailed flight and passenger information recorded on all flights as outlined by IRS guidelines

Pilots and Flight Crew

We help pilots, flight attendants, and other flight crew members get all the deductions they're legally allowed to take at tax time.

Regional Airports

For smaller airports, we'll answer questions on how to properly manage records and how expenses should be allocated to stay in compliance with government regulations.

Flight Schools

We offer trusted accounting and bookkeeping services from a CPA firm that understands the industry and knows how to keep your records in compliance.

Aviation-Related Businesses

With our assistance, all types of aviation-related businesses keep their accounting up-to-date and take advantage of all available tax breaks for the industry.

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